The Charles Street was hit by trams, one of which was injured. Columns were at home in the middle

PRAGUE In the afternoon of the afternoon Karlovy Vary collided with trams in the center of Prague. In the accident, he suffered a thirty-year-old man who had been taken to the hospital with the bruised chest, she said, talking to Jan Potov, the jailbreak. Because of the accident and the result of the accident, the tram line between Charles and Albertov piblin traveled one hour.

According to the talks of the traffic company of Aneta Ehkov, tram line 2 and 3 at 15:40 were the most important ones at Karlov. I think one of the failures of the human factor, ehkov said.

The tram between Charles and Alberto was full of the accident and the result was eliminated. Around 16.45 hours the tram drove to the original routes.

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