The circuses go to the elections, they want to go to Prague. Berouskov did not know anything about the candidate at home

PRAGUE The people of Maringotek have had their own political motions since mid-June: Jauner, Eslovensko 2018. On his nominations for the autumn parliamentary elections, the elite of tuzemsk brane was the owner of the Circus Originl Berousek, Humberto, Sultn and Andres. In Prague and other 13 cities, the city will be able to exchange its current deputy, councilor and mayor for the owners of luna park, artists, clowns, illusionists and riders who have passed the death.

The artist is also an artist, Vclav imek. He is, among other things, an unregistered candidate for an extreme right-wing national democracy.

For the first Jauner? This is a world hit for colloqui and circuses. The appendix then refers to the centenary for the foundation of an eso-Slovak state that according to the words published on the personal pages of the very LDR sm is the candidate Olomouc. The telephone call on the program and the hooks of the hinge pocket have been vetoed.

How did the server find out?, some of the candidates who represent the most famous Eskk circus, do not even know how their names appeared on the lists. Not the whole way I got there, said the owner of the Sultn Circle Karel Berousek. He added only: it is in Vclav imek.

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To the extent that it is determined to enter community politics, it is uncertain. melts me (Chairman, pay attention to red)., e will do something. But I told him he did not, because he was a bit worried about the circus, he told the waitress owner of the Sultn Karel Berousel Circus. He added that political ambition does not exist at the moment. Similar experience was told by Ji Berousek, the owner of the Berousek Circus, for the server.

The list of candidates to be transferred to the Ministry of the Interior is unfortunate for teba piloit prohlen uchazee. Obtain the consent of a dog, a permanent residence, a date of birth and the ownership of the signature.

The most prominent candidate was Jauner in Prague, where he nominated 65 people. There is Olomouc with 45 uchazei and two municipalities Charvty and Dehtra with nine candidates. In the following ten cities, including Brno and Ostrava, he moved to the elections for one candidate.

Representatives of the ministry in the capital will also look for the people from the curriculum profession as dressage exotics and the acrobat, with the owner of the circus and the luna park. The youngest candidate is 19 years old, 78. Ldryn is an artist Stanislav Helferov. Seven-six-year-old server said after her granddaughter that she was unable to communicate with her.

In the autumn of the elections, the nominee did not move to Jauner. According to the chairman Vláda Imka, because it is only the family and the financial means to make the deposit, there are 20 tons of crowns for the sister.

Subsidies from the EU fund

The program referred to the web pages on Facebook and Facebook. Hnut would cancel the troops and a chamber of parliament. It strives for a dream comeback and would like to see at least 22 tons of crowns. Subsidies must be covered by the EU fund. In this way he strives for mineral resources, including water, for the nobility. How do I contact the municipal councils?

According to Anna Aleov, the circus owner of Andres and the third as second, the mana goes to the elections to improve the circus conditions. Do not want to pay so much money for renting the land.

Vclav Imek had tried to break into politics two years ago. At that time he went to Olomouc as post of the sentor for extremist NATO democracy led by Adam B. Barto, his trial in April for xenophobia, racism and anti-Semitism. At the elections, In the first round he gained a few percent of the votes. In the meantime, he tried to cooperate with Petra Cibulka Volt Prav Blok.

Even with my own project in the arrest of the victim. lene-hunting is according to the nj ln and furious with each other, or does not want to be a party alien.

We went to Ostrava, only two from Olomouc, two from Ostrava. I am tired, I am disappointed and I am afraid of the day, and so on, he fills the plinth.

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