The cyclist in Prague breathed more than three promises of alcohol and blamed the police

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"The soldiers built the service vehicle to prevent collisions with passing vehicles and to control the life functions of the bicycle, the man broke up and immediately started mocking the officers," said Irena Seifert, a spokesperson for police officers from Prague. .

The cyclist had no helmet on his head and was heavily scratched. The officers called him to wait for the rescuers to arrive. But he refused it, got up and wanted to go home. At the same time the Patriot cursed again.

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"The thirty-five-year-old man told police officials that no vehicle had hit him, that he had gone home from Trebonice, had fallen and did not remember." Because the cyclist was very aware of alcohol, the officers carried out an indicative breath test, & # 39; "Seifert added, while the cyclist drank 3.5 pounds of alcohol.

In addition to the rescue service, the police officers also called colleagues from the traffic police who started to deal with the incident.

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