The Czech Minister for Defense Mattis – is on his way to the Czech Republic

The visit program of the US Secretary of State is still changing. Mattis will visit some other European countries besides the Czech Republic.

"A direct reason for the invitation was participation in the military parade," he told Mattis, a visit to Prague Kmonicek. He added that Czech diplomacy initially negotiated the visit of US Vice President Mike Pence, who could not, however, be attributed to the upcoming US Congress.

Maybe he's going to Zeman

The role, at the invitation of the US Secretary of Defense, was also considered by the LN to buy military equipment for the Czech army. In the near future he wants to buy new helicopters, radars, cannons or infantry vehicles in tens of billions of crowns.

"Of course, the Americans have noticed that since we joined NATO, we've never bought anything with the brand we've made in the US, which of course adds to a higher level of activity on the American side," Kmonicek said.

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