The D11 motorway bridge is similar to that in Genoa, a repair is waiting for it

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The rope bridge over the river Elbe is 42 km from the D11 motorway in the direction of Hradec Králové. Just like the bridge in Genoa, the use of a pre-assembled bridge construction of reinforced concrete suspended from two twenty eight-meter-long pylons of 84 cables.

"This bridge has a current quality rating of four of a seven-speed scale, that is, satisfactory," said Jan Rýdl, spokesperson for the Road and Motorway Directorate, as part of a regular inspection.

He added that the CRD criteria for assessment of bridge quality are very strict, so it can be said that the bridge is in the state number two, which is very good.

"This year the rectification of suspension cables was carried out on the bridge, which is a touch of the individual curtains, due to the height adjustment of the bridge, the next year a further maintenance of the bridge, replacing bridges. bridge back to second place in the rating scale, "Rydl added.

It also counts on the installation of sensors that check the voltages in the carrying cables.

The bridges have a total of 1,682 RMDs in management and each of them has a predetermined inspection program for 20 years earlier than planned. The cable bridges are about ten across the country, and another from the metropolis to Hradec is in the southern Connecticut in Prague.

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