The design of the billboard of Mayor Nwelati also stirs passion and debate about urban crime

Mladá Boleslav – Controversy aroused in recent days the billboard of the Bohemian mayor Raduan Nwelati, published on his facebook profile.

In the election round, from which the first man of Mlada Boleslav promises a chair in the town hall and in the Senate, the mayor plans to enter the call: Boleslav Boleslavák, supplemented by the subtitle: No tolerance for foreigners. Do you want to work here? Follow the rules! Otherwise we do not want you here!

After some critical remarks, Raduan Nwelati rewrote the text partially, adding to the words Zero tolerance to foreigners: who does not follow our laws.

At the same time, however, the mayor stressed that the campaign is only aimed at those who are in the chaos of the city. "I have nothing against foreign workers as such, but I want to impose stricter, not only monetary, penalties on those who repeatedly violate our rules, and the fines they often do not pay are not effective, and I want them to just turn them off, "he said. "Even Czechs who mess around abroad can only be expelled, but our laws do not leave employees like that, so I want to take the initiative to change these laws," said Raduan Nwelati.

Design billboard for the election campaign, as introduced on Facebook by Raduan Nwelati

Some politicians from the position of the mayor and the upcoming billboard & # 39; spitting & # 39; and Boleslav are now talking about the suitability or impropriety of the slogan, as well as the wider problem of the increase of Mladá Boleslav in connection with an increasing number of temporary agency workers from abroad. You are seduced by a thriving automaker, especially companies that are connected to it and a number of other companies.

"I have seen the mayor's Billboard, but I abstained from the court, and I just want to mention that the growing crime involving some of the foreign workers is one of the most important issues in Mladá Boleslav, and that security in the city is a priority for all political parties, "says deputy Daniel Marek of the mayor.

Josef Dovolil, chairman of the KSČM Boleslav committee, is critical about the design of billboards. "I think the mayor went in this imaginary line," he says. "The problem it faces is indeed crucial, but similar statements are too extreme to identify with them," says Josef Allowil.

Robin Povich, the chairman of the Central Bohemian Social Democrats (CSSD) and the representative of Boleslav, does not take the napkins. "The mayor is personally responsible for the catastrophic security situation in the city, and he has not done anything to improve him for the past four years, and his current screams are more like the" thief screaming to catch the thieves, "he said, adding that his party is coming up with its own concept of crime control in the city, to be presented to the public next week.

The mayor was against this, however. "I've been trying to change the city for the past twelve years, and I believe that most of Boleslavas receive my work positively, and that's why I do not want this work to come to fruition, which is why the worse security situation in the city seriously hinders and I try to solve it constantly, "says Raduan Nwelati, stating for example the involvement of the city in the Safe Cities program, the deployment of Safe City Assistants, increasing the budget of the city police and regular meetings with the police to resolve the situation.

"And because I still do not like the situation in the city, I want to change the law and get the chance to expel foreigners who commit crime in the city," he adds. "The aforementioned statement by a political competitor is that the elections are approachable, but I have the advantage that the citizens of the city know me because I believe they will not be there," he concludes.

Billboard even resonates among the non-political public. In the city, an increasing number of offenses, petty crime, public drunkenness and street abuse have become almost standard in recent years. All this is largely subordinate to the influx of temporary workers from abroad, mainly from the east of Europe. The mayor's billboard is very clear in this direction and so many people find support, but others have a problem with the shame of the Mayor's slogan against foreigners.

"Czech citizens who do not respect the law will tolerate the MB we are going to be? It's filthy," says Lenka Snajdrova, a Facebook user.

"Words like xenophobia and populism are used too much, but I would use them here quietly, is Mr. Nwelati still in the ODS or has he been transferred to the SPD?" "I do not have my vote," says Marek N.

"I do not think we should make a distinction here: stricter sentences for all crimes, of course, but this is again an unnecessarily awkward feeling of passions against foreigners, which is now in fashion", Bronislav T. thinks.

On the other hand, there are a number of positive feedbacks, albeit sometimes with some reservations. "Please, the problem is here, and I agree that foreigners who are actually guests here, using the services and hospitality of the city, would behave deeper and more detestable in their crime, minimum cases," says Stanislav Vodrážka. "But, after a long time, the mayor seems to have broken the silence in this direction just before the elections, which is a bit cheap," he adds.

"Of course, Raduan, I am a fan of a pleasant glimpse of at least a conservative policy in the sea of ​​shimmering mud," says Skara Williams about a facebook user.

"Walk through the streets – this is not Boleslav, what it was: Romanian, Polak, Litevec, many drunks, homeless, beggars, and it is certainly the part of Škodovka or possibly the companies that attract people – will help the industry, what the pockets of foreign owners means, and it does not matter what the time will be when they are launched on the street. "The mayor is right, I welcome all the measures that will improve the thing," says Svatava K. Sixty-six.

Even Nwelati herself in the facebook discussion of the largest employer in the city has not forgotten to mention. "I just do not want anyone to destroy what I've built here for the last 12 years, so that nobody ruins our beautiful city, and I do not care whether Škoda should make more cars or not, it's big and it's not need to multiply it means destroying the city, "says the mayor.

But Škoda Auto-spokesman Kamila Biddle notes that of less than 24,000 regular employees, the share of foreigners is about 10 percent. "They are almost ordinary EU citizens, according to our information, the practices of our employees have virtually nothing to do with each other," he said.

Many foreign employees with the problem, but for Skodovka, work mainly indirectly through companies or agencies with an automobile manufacturer, some sort of allied. According to Kamila Biddle, Škodovka sees security problems.

"In cooperation with the city, we invested more than 8 million in the camera system, last year we donated to Škoda Octavia the City Police, and this year we have agreed to invest further in the camera system, new cars for the city ​​police and material equipment of its members for more than 14 million, "says Škoda Auto-spokesperson.

Even the mayor recognizes that Škodovka is trying to partially mitigate the consequences of the stay of a large number of foreign workers, some of which make a mess of it. "Škoda Auto really tries to cope with the problems and I thank them for it, it supports the city police and tries to work together by setting rules for agencies that import foreign workers," says the mayor. The problem, however, is that the legal ways to punish those who repeatedly violate the rules and commit iniquities are inadequate.

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