The desire for freedom has survived. The memories of the Czech Republic were also remembered by EU leaders –

"Fifty years ago, the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia destroyed Prague's spring, but the desire for freedom and democracy has survived and forms the heart of what now connects Europe," wrote Tusk.

According to Tajani, the "tragedy" of the occupation in August is a sign that, especially for young people, freedom is not self-evident and there is no alternative to a united and successful Europe. Head of the European People's Party Weber has added twitter articles on Tuesday in Czech and Slovak.

"Remember with regard to the victims of this sad event and to those whose subsequent normalization has destroyed lives, and let us not abandon history," he wrote.

The view of the Soviet tank in front of her house was marked by one of her oldest memories by the Czech Commissioner Vera Jourova. "… it will affect you all your life, so I regard the defense of democracy as the biggest task for us: Czechs, Slovaks, Europeans," she said on Twitter.

The leader of the largest group in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber, on Twitter, urged us not to forget the past and not to distort it.

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