The drunken and drunken idiot handed the policeman, even a hundred dollars

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Twenty-nine-year-old idol Volkswagen Caddy wanted to inspect a policeman Havov in Ostrava. Jena enaneasastavila and vice versa. She risked the chase.

During the song the policeman heard the sounds and the light sign to stop. on the other hand, the idiom of the vehicle did not mean that a change in the direction of the ride did not go, the wheels in the opposite direction, the speed was 110 km in hours, said police Zlatue Viakov.

he stopped and did not get a hand in Petvald. the idiot decided to take her to Zvodn Street when she crashed. She came into the brick pillar of the gated family house, she kept talking.

He was in his car for twenty-five years. He was rude and aggressive to the police and ended up in his handcuffs.

Hldka discovered that she was not completely silent, but that she was under the influence of alcohol and herbs. According to the police inspector, the police inspection.

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