"The effect of Poche is negative," Babis told the CSSD to the Minister of Foreign Affairs

MEP Poche, who refused to appoint President Milos Zeman, is currently working as a political secretary at Czernin Palace. The ministry is provisionally led by CSSD chairman and Minister of Internal Affairs Jan Hamacek. "The action of Mr. Poche is very negative, it is clear that he will not be a minister, " Babis said and said it was unacceptable that Poche acted in the ministry as if he were the minister.

"I expect to come (Social Democrats) with news," Babis said by long feeling that the CSSD will suggest someone else's ministerial chair, but the question is when they do that.

Babis is waiting for the new name of ČSSD, Hamacek took the time

"I'm counting on the CSSD coming up with a new name, the situation has evolved so no other solution is possible," Babis said about the question of whether he expects a new name from Jan Hamáček on the candidate from the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The chairman of CSSD did not want the statements made by Babiš to be commented onbut wants to negotiate the solution in the coming days. And the prime minister. However, the parties have the freedom to leave everything behind after the municipal elections in early October.

According to Babis, the new minister should identify himself with his view on foreign policy, which Poche does not recognize.

Poche criticized Babis for his trip to Orban

Poche, on the other hand, in an interview for the Flash report, Babis criticized his recent trip to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Obran. The main controversy between him and Babish sees fate differently from migration policy.

"I do not even think that it is a migration policy, but that Andrei Babiš and Vojtěch Filip want to interfere with the crew of the foreign service, and I have clearly indicated that I do not intend to admit it," responded to Prime Minister Poche.

The media speculate that a new CSSD candidate might be Jakub Landovský, who is, however, a candidate for the Prague mayor. With his appointment the prime minister would not have the problem.

"I know Mr. Landovsky from the Ministry of Defense, and I think he is a person who works well, he can represent, so I certainly would not have a problem with him" Babiš responded to the Message Blur

According to Babiáš, the fundamental problem is that the situation in the ministry is no longer because it deals with foreign policy itself. The new minister wants to focus primarily on economic diplomacy.

Zeman has already closed a thing

Hamas, on Friday after a meeting of the broader CSSD leadership, said he would not comment on Poche's criticism. He wants to deal with the appointment dispute with Poche only after the municipal and senate elections, which take place on 5 and 6 October. According to him, the subject could be harmful for the CSSD campaign, which should be positive. According to Hamas, the solution should be clear in the second half of October. Poche expects to become Minister of Foreign Affairs in the future.

Zeman in mid-July, CTK said that he considered the question of the occupation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs closed. How long Hamas will manage two departments at the same time, leave it alone.

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