The fast-moving engine looked at a police drone on the saddle of the Red Mountain

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Sedlopat between the city of intensive check-ups, the motorcycles are indeed about the two big vdt. In the low level of control, the dron also checked the plane

With his help the policeman can check if he or she keeps the ride well, cotyi idiiaut has failed. According to the survey, the number of motorcycles that had reached the maximum speed was highest, the highest value being 126 kilometers per hour, said Teresa Neubauerov, spokesperson for the Jesuit police.

Some people did not shy away from it, so their poem stopped at the end of the day. Apart from the changes, there was also an error.

Those engines were not visible visceral and they did not have the original sign of the mark at all, and the place where he had built his own house. Because of the extraterrestrials, the police paid the deposit in total for the dozens of crowns, said Neubauerov.

Fines for more than thirty motorcycles ended in late July with a great control action on the Red Mountain saddle, including policemen from one of them at a speed of 170 kilometers per hour.

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