The fireman Miša (18) turned his life upside down: the stream of water almost made her look! Treatment does not exist

The disaster happened at the end of July in a match in a fire attack in Luderov in Olomouc. The priest, who had been involved with volunteer firefighters since childhood, blew the water out of the hose directly into his face and the current was severely damaged in his eyes.

"During the training sessions and races she gave her all the energy and the heart, but unfortunately she returned to Miša at the Luděřov night contest, a step further in her life, the water flow, which in any case belongs to the target," described on Facebook her colleague, volunteer fireman Jaromír Laštuvicka.

The flow of water has damaged eye catheters that have not yet been treated in the world. "The current state is such that the left eye sees about 50%, the right eye after heavy surgery and the next operation follows after about 4 to 6 months." The treatment period is estimated to be at least 1 year, with the current uncertain result " said the firefighter. "We are convinced that these authorities will be independent and correct, and such cases have already happened," Jaromír added, hoping that if this did not happen, the drug might be administered quickly.

The volunteer firefighters of Dolni Studenka and the charity organization Life to Children have meanwhile announced a collection for young ladies to help them buy the necessary tools or, if necessary, finance the breakthrough operation in the future. People can contribute for each amount to the transparent account 1117771700/5500 for the payment you need to enter the variable symbol: 5656.

"All funds that Misa will not use will be used in the future for all volunteer firefighters in the Czech Republic, who will become a serious accident in the event of a fierce sport and will need some instruments or operations abroad for their lives" Jaromír Laštuvička added.

Video of Fateful Competition:

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