The gas condensing boiler has doubled

Up to now, the type of wool program of the boiler accessories has clearly shown that there is a steadily growing demand for condensate boilers among the inhabitants of the Czech Republic. It is based on the current statistics from the Ministry of the Environment, confirming the spring survey of the Gas Association (PS) between individual regions.

Installation of a gas condensing boiler (Photo: Brilon a.s. – gas condensing boiler Intergas)

"Water heaters are the best choice in Moravia-Silesia (42%), South Moravia (40%) and Olomouc (30%). The minimum range is slightly higher and the border is 25% higher than the Pardubice, Krlovhradeck and Zlinsky regions, then the capital of Prague and the Vysočina region. It is clear that the number of pots with sufficient fancy subsidy for the condensate gas boilers will be about double that of the first wave, "He commented on the results of MP Jan Ruml, Executive Director of PS, adding:"In terms of impact on the environment, this is a very positive development. Many homeowners are prone to price problems with transport and warehouse."

Natural gas represents a comfortable and environmentally friendly process, especially in the long term. There is no pressure on the environmentally friendly parameters of all of us to go to the operation of some solid fuel fuel boilers, which at the same time describe all ecological requirements. B1 is used to detect the use of non-organic solid fuel boilers that fall under 1 or 2. The amendment on the protection of air humidity is still valid after the decision to import into municipalities and to curb them. "This does not hurt the gas in the boiler. They can only be replaced and technically enough"Said Jan Ruml.

The boiler start wave type was at the end of the bar and the funding provided did not apply to the boiler on the corner only. In his district eight provinces received eight billion crowns, in the Moravia-Silesian region dolo directly to the related species and tet wool. There were 900 million crowns in total, according to the MPs, the second wave of boiler tanks will have to be closed by the end of 2019. Somewhere in the bay, or the region, the financial allocations allocate to different rounds. The Tet Wave started the MP with the most probable end of 2018. The province then followed it to the public. In this case, the term is not fixed, but it must be assumed that this will happen approximately up to the year after the deadline for the region & # 39; s.

Throughout the program, the boiler rooms have the potential to be explored by the European Union as a source of 9 billion kronor. It must be replaced and the 100,000 disposable kettles are 1 and 2. According to statistics, there are 300,000. "From 2022 onwards, these star-boilers will be forced to live and houses must submit to ekologitj zazen. We have this time without subsidies, more than the threat of financial fines and 50,000 K"Said Jan Ruml.

I hear about moving solid fuels to natural gas and also document a smaller number of so-called gas pipelines. These connections were built in the nineties of the last century, with the financial support of the municipality, when it was expected and the state supported a massive transition to comfort and, above all, ecology of natural gas. Bohuel not all connections were then used after their recovery. The situation with a bag. According to GasNet, which supplies 80% of the DSO, the number of inactive peaks has been reduced by approximately 324,000 between 2016 and 2017. pads to about 317 thousand. ppad. This corresponds to the total sweat of approximately 10,000 consumed beverages from the arrest of the subsidy boiler for the period 2014-2020. It can be assumed that there are about 300 thousand unsuitable boilers in the range of 1 and 2, where there are inactive compounds are natural gas distribution and in the protection of the air there is good potential for the transition to environment and energy efficient gas condensing boilers.

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