The government has found a compromise with trade unions

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The government has found a compromise with trade unions

The government agrees with the trade unions to increase wages in the public sector next year. Most public workers raise wages by five percent, police and soldiers by two percent. The remaining money is rewarded and paid.

Adding is not flat and people with low income must earn more. For non-teaching staff the sum of rates and bonuses should increase by ten percent, civil servants of courts with 13.9 percent, public prosecutors with 15.9 percent, culture with 10.9 percent, employment agencies with 10.5 percent, On the Czech Social Security Administration with 9.6 percent. Other professions should receive 7.4 percent more and police officers and firefighters with eight percent. For armed forces the rate is increased by two percent and the remainder divided into risky surcharges.

»I have a feeling or maybe a certainty that we have agreed. There was a compromise on the increase of the rate. Our idea was four percent, we agreed about five percent, « said after a meeting with the most important trade unions Andrej Babiš (YES).

Chairman of the trade union of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia and vice-chairman of the KSČM Central Committee Stanislav Grospič he is happy that the agreement has taken place. "I think this is an acceptable compromise, and I appreciate that there has been some graduation, because in the public sphere some of the staff groups are extremely underestimated, but personally I could of course have come up with a higher rise because in principle this will only cover inflation, but I understand that each party must ultimately lose their claims, Halo told Grospic.

According to a spokesman of thirteen unions in the public sector Pavel Bednáře trade unions negotiated with the intention to negotiate rate growth with six percent and four percent for armed forces. The result is regarded by the leaders as a compromise. The Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions (ČMKOS), as the largest headquarters of the trade union, initially demanded an increase of 10 per cent in the rates for all employees and an increase in the total wage bill. The government originally wanted the salary to increase by six percent. The increase in the budget for the following year amounted to approximately 22.3 billion crowns. On Wednesday, the coalition movement YO and CSSD agreed to add another three billion. The total wage bill will be about eight percent higher.

Trade unions now want to see the distribution of rewards and bonuses. "We will, in cooperation with the Ministries of Labor and Finance, monitor the preparation of the government order to actually allow the employees to reach the extra tariff components", said Bednar.

In the public sector, 682,500 people worked in the first quarter according to information from the information system, with an average income. They receive a salary from the state, local government and health insurance. The average earnings in the public sphere reached 32,725 kronnes in the first quarter. Year after year it rose by 14.2 percent. Half of the people earned more than 30,623 CZK. According to Bedner, however, the income of ordinary officers, court recorders or cultural workers is much lower.


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