The House of Representatives has today approved a pension change with a change in pensions

In March, the Czech Social Security Administration (CSSD) paid 2.4 million elderly people, 423,400 disabled people and 68,200 survivors' pensions. For example, some pensions received 2.9 million people. The average retirement pension amounted to CZK 12,347 in March. Their pension systems also have defense and domestic ministries. Next year, legal valorisation, an increase of one thousand dollars in 85 years and the addition of 300 crowns a month would require almost $ 38 billion to everyone. In general, according to the first version of the budget, pensions should amount to around 472.2 billion crowns.

The Chamber approved the standard unanimously. For all 170 members present. The Senate's proposal was endorsed by 69 of 169 eligible voters, 69 against and 31 abstentions.

The retirement home of the retirement letter worked for about three hours. The dispute was about a proposal from the government and the senate, which is about who should get extra thousand dollars. Although according to Minister of Labor Jana Malacova (CSSD) there is a fairer government version, according to the opposition ODS, TOP 09, Mayors and Independents and SPD it is a Senate version.

According to an approved plan from the government, people aged 85 years should receive more than a thousand crowns from next year. These are about 200,000 seniors. In 2019 it would cost about 2.4 billion. The Senate proposed to add a thousand dollars to those who receive a 25-year pension. It would be about 400,000 people and the costs would double.

To date, people retire when they are 100 years old. It rises with 2000 crowns. This adjustment was introduced in 1969, but the amount gradually increased.

The pension consists of a fixed percentage and a percentage. The fixed part is the same for everyone and the earnings percentage reflects the years worked and the amount of income and contributions. According to the amendment, the fixed part of the pension corresponds to ten percent of the average wage instead of the nine percent. The share of the merit part is slightly smaller. The role will play in future valorisation. When upgrading a fixed component, a larger part of the amount is added to a smaller percentage. People with lower pensions become better, others increase pensions somewhat more slowly than before.

Pensions are valued at half the real wage growth and price increases, which does not change the change. In the next year, pensions would rise by an average of 600 kroons. The government wants to add another 300 crowns to all people receiving old-age, invalidity and survivors' pensions as a result of a change in the pension composition. They have to travel to a solid income, which now stands for 2,700 kroner. This step should be about 11 billion crowns next year, legal valorisation to around 24 billion.

The expenditure per thousand crown rises should increase each year as a result of the rise of the elderly. However, in the case of legal valorisation, the growth rate of expenditure decreases according to the budget perspective of the Ministry of Finance, despite the growing number of seniors and higher entry percentages. Additions must be reflected in the credit reduction of the approved pension change today. The outlook is estimated that around 20 billion dollars will travel in the year 2020 and about 18.5 billion in 2022.

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