The last tropical week. The change comes in the weekend –

The tropical week began at a number of locations in the Czech Republic with a tropical night. For example, temperatures in Prague and Central Bohemia did not drop below 20 degrees.

Clear or half clear Monday should be the hottest day of the week. In Bohemia the temperature rises to 29 to 33 degrees, in Moravia and Silesia to 31 to 35 degrees. Records for August 20 will not be far from here. It was on this day in 2012 that an absolute record was recorded in the Czech Republic, namely 40.4 degrees at the meteorological station in Dobřichovice, Hons recalled.

During the night Tuesday the very weak cold of the queue will pass through our territory. In the morning the temperature drops to 18 to 14 degrees. In the afternoon they climb west to 26 to 30 degrees, east to 28 to 32 degrees. The sky will be clear or partly cloudy.

in Wednesday it will be clear again with the minimum of the morning between 18 and 14 degrees and the afternoons between 29 and 33 degrees.

The same will be again Thursdayit will be clear until cloudy, then it will cool to 18-14 in the afternoon, again in the afternoon between 29 and 33 degrees. The sky will be clear or pale, but in the afternoon there may be more storms or clouds.

On Friday there will be a break

the Friday it will be cloudy at first, but it will gradually begin to rise from the cloud to the clouds with rain and thunderstorms. In the morning it will still be warm with values ​​between 18 and 14 degrees. In the afternoon temperatures between 25 and 29, in Moravia and Silesia they will record up to 32, but will cool considerably during the day.

the Saturday it will be cloudy with rain, in Moravia with storms. Gradually the cloud will decrease and the crash will stop. In the morning the temperature drops to 17 to 13, but heights in the afternoon do not look much higher, in the Czech Republic temperatures between 18-22 degrees are expected, in Moravia it can still climb to summer 25.

the Sunday Clouds and rainfall will be significantly less cloudy with a few showers. A cold north-western current will show a further drop in temperature. They drop in the morning from 2 to 10 pm and in the afternoon they go to 18 to 22.

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