The lock in Horn Marov was probably spilled, the samples were examined by the laboratory

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The speaker has secured a few meters as the laboratory of the Institute for Population Protection in Lzn Bohdani. Here, the footprints will be subject to chemical expertise, said Martina Gtzov of the regional authorities.

After the technical woes are excluded, work with the version that someone has kept in mind, if it is a negligent. This is Trutnov crime.

We threw the criminal woman's horses to a suspected kidney, threatened the perpetrator and the east was born, confirmed by the Trutnov police Luk Vincenc.

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Hoet started around the clock in the morning. He seized all the walls of the hill, humbled the first floor and the koda was estimated at more than five million crowns (but in the baroque barracks with him the fire should fight all night).

The castle was built in Baroque style in 1792 and built several times and was born in the neo-Renaissance style. From the 1950s it was used as a bicycle, dtsk house and cinema. The Kulturn monument was collected by the village in 1991, but years later it was sold to the Russian owner. Since then, the lock is in Russian hands.

The last time he changed his ownership before the years that Sagna bought it. Even the Russian Rusk federation – Sergei Majzus. At the beginning of the year the object was sold for 22 million crowns. According to the website best this is worth 14.5 million crowns.

Since April 1994 the building has not been used in any way and the technical condition of the construction has deteriorated. According to the two estimates, the conversion could be a luxury hotel and 200 million crowns.

The people of the city have speculated in the middle whether a conscience has been created with the intention of at least getting a profit from the sale, or that it was an accident.

I think they were homeless and if they manipulated the fire, it was not forbidden to go, so it was Lenka Novkov of Mlada Buk.

Jacob Kricnar of Svoboda struggled again to say: "I'm not a professional, but if it's a homeless person, it would only go to one place, not the tower, it's weird, since the owner is a Ukrainian and this long time. could not be sold, I would not be surprised if someone spits it out, said.

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