The man almost drank a friend in the Opava region, he was detained by a hat –

The police have also accused men of threats to serve an official and a disorder, and are threatening to detain a prison sentence of eighteen years. A bloody incident happened on the balcony of a low block of flats on Garden Street and, according to a witness who described it to Newsroom, a number of people watched from the windows. One aggressor woman screamed to let the wounded in the room call the police.

Criminalist spokesperson Richard Palat Novink said on Wednesday that the rapist had attacked a 36-year-old woman with a knife. "He caused injuries that threatened her," said the spokesman. The woman ended up with doctors who brought her to the hospital.

"People looked from the windows while a man roared on the balcony and knotted with a knife to a friend," said one of the witnesses. The man refused to cooperate with the police and barricaded himself. The palace confirmed that the situation had to be resolved by the intervention unit.

"The man was detained at the police station, Criminologists have investigated the scene of crime, provided there is evidence for further investigation by the experts, and they also examine the motive and all the circumstances of committing an act," the spokesman added. this year is the seventh suspected murder crime in the province, with all perpetrators being identified.

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