The man attracted about 90 million crowns from the acquaintances and lost money

The 74-year-old man in the years 2011 to 2012, according to the police, has gradually wrenched money from three men aged 51 to 66 under the fate of evaluating them in their alleged transactions in metallurgical material in Trutnov, in one case the purchase of land. One of the borrowings of almost 1.2 million crowns, according to the police, promised a return of 48 percent in two months, against a revenue of 36 percent.

"He followed an almost identical scenario, and during the meetings with the victims he knew that he acted as a manager with the subject of doing business with the production and sale of a wire program in Náchod," said Burýsková.

According to the police, the injured party also issued overdue bills and promised a refund, which he did not do. "When one of the victims demanded the return of their money, the director reassured him of a fictional legend about current business contacts in Italy, and he borrowed money from the hardware store, instead he used it for his own use," said Burýsková.

The police heard of the case after one of the victims died in 2016. During the inheritance, the circumstances of suspicious transactions on behalf of the deceased were disclosed for an amount of 17.9 million kroner. The notary has informed the police last year.

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