The mayors for Prague are building on the defectors. Wherever they come from, they are the best, says the chairman

The Communal Movement for Prague is again trying to reach the Prague City Council and to check the districts. Four years ago only 2.4 percent of the votes were voted in the city council, but eight smaller mayors and 88 councilors won in smaller cities. Now the movement under the direction of lawyer Karel Fischer under the name mayor for Prague attracts particularly famous faces who have stripped their original party.

Four years ago your movement ran unsuccessfully to the council under the leadership of Zbynek Passer, developer-brother Radim Passer and their cousin Petra Venturové. What are they doing today? I can not see anyone on the Passer family.

We understood the mayors that the community movement discovered that a connection with a financially strong person, the family, was not right at the time because the developer in Prague did not have a good reputation.

Personally, I believe that investment groups involved in infrastructure development and urban development are not bad if they can communicate with them and if they get an advantage for the city. On the other hand, the connection with the business family of Mr. Passer was wrong. However, I notice that Zbynek Passer did not enter the movement and did not become the head of the movement because he was a member of the Passers family, but because he was mayor of the district of Prague-Koloděje and was one of the mayors who also tried to extend the scope of the movement to the municipality.

You say that you are the only "authentic" common party, the movement. But is not the Prague movement of Jan Čižinský like that? Do you think you're next to her room?

Do you think we are going to compare ourselves with the movement of a man who is also deputy for the KDU-ČSL and the mayor of Prague? I understand this as a project of social dissatisfaction and as such I respect it, but it does not entail a good quality municipal policy for Prague. We offer quality, which is based on ten years of exploitation of urban, large and small parts.

But he got the signatures of a hundred thousand people, in the same way he won the elections in Prague 7.

Collecting signatures is an approach that I admire, I appreciate it, on the other hand, it is based on an activist concept. How did they collect the signatures? They were collected by the Prague people, not by Mr Čižinský, but by dozens of volunteers. But are you sure that the candidate list had frozen, hot, sun, hot, experts? Absolutely not. It is a recently established movement. We have fifteen mayors of districts who have already proven that they can.

But when someone looks at your candidate, he thinks that they are not people who, although they were mayors, did not succeed in other parties.

Who do you mean?

Mr. Zeleny, who was dismissed in Prague 5 for suspicious use of property, mayor of Prague 10, Vladimír Novák for the CSSD, who was not in favor of the candidate in his party, and his deputy Ivana Cabrnochová, who justified this green with "a fundamental cleavage and absolute loss ".

The candidate is a large entity that has its meaning and meaning. We have mayors of large and small urban areas.

Nevertheless, you have names that have not been successful elsewhere. Apart from the above, I can name Exstarosta of Vladislavu Hujova for TOP 09 and a number of other names. How does this mixture work together?

It comes together, just as the capital is already in the ground, does not develop. If you look outside, you can see that maintenance is not as it was. Subway stations are no longer clean, they smell, it is no longer comfortable, life in Prague is no longer what it was. This has happened in the past eight years when the nation controlled the national parties. The person who goes to the city has received an offer to come to us. To help build a common movement, that is about the same.

None of those you mentioned did not run for the Chamber of Deputies to escape. (Cabrnochová, Novák and Zelený oppose the Chamber of Deputies, pay attention to red.). For example, look at the Pirate Party. Passed in Prague, they received four representatives. What did they do for Prague? They did the fact that three of them stood before the Chamber of Deputies at the next elections. Prague needs people who really want to manage and manage it. That is why Mayor Hujová, because it is a legend in Prague 3, has accepted my offer and it is absolutely superb. She knew she could no longer control the city.

You are talking about authenticity, but how authentic is it if someone is in another party for eight years and then stands out for someone else?

The people we have addressed are politicians from Prague and want to make the Prague program. And regardless of whether they go from the green, the socialists or the summits. We have addressed the best in Prague.

Karel Fischer

Chairman of the Movement for Prague, and at the same time the leader of the candidates for the city of Prague as mayors for Prague.

An 80-year-old lawyer headed the Prague ODA at the beginning of the millennium and from 2002 to 2006 he was in the Prague Prosecutor's Office for the Democrats Jan Kasl.

The movement for Prague was founded in 2013 by mayors from several smaller city districts to defend their planned abolition. In 2014 he ran for the city council; the candidate led by leader Zbyněk Passerem and his nephew and then chairman of the movement, Petra Venturova, won second place with 2.4 percent.

But perhaps Miroslav Zeleny, who had been elected TOP 09 in the Prague 5 meeting and then broke and the Movement of Healing set up our Policy, was released from the mayor's post because, according to the representatives, he wanted to pluck Prague's property. Incidentally, in 2013 he stood before the Chamber of Deputies The two group of Mrs. Bobošíková upside down.

I hear this information for the first time. I personally addressed Mayor Zeleny to the recommendation of his colleagues, who have known him for fifteen years. I got the information that TOP 09 is composed of supporters of Miroslav Kalousek and supporters of Karel Schwarzenberg. And when it appeared in Prague 5 that the wings were so illogical, the mayor became someone in the middle. And that was Mr. Green. That is why I spoke to him because he was in the middle between two camps because it was a certain quality for me.

On Friday, he announced that he will stand for both you and the current mayor of Prague 10 for the CSSD Vladimír Novák. Have you also called on that, or was it his initiative?

Mayor Novak told our people in Prague 10 that he would leave Social Democracy. Imagine the situation that the Mayor of Prague 10 representing the CSSD comes to me the current mayor and we are talking about whether he could strengthen our ranks. I could not solve the situation any differently than accepting the candidate. As mayor of the second largest city district in Prague, it is an important factor.

So your candidate in Prague 10 will …

The newcomer becomes two, with the municipality ten. We already had a leader in Prague 10, Ivanka Cabrnochova, who runs to number four at the same time in the capital.

You say you are against impoverished politicians. Do you mind that the ruling coalition does not have the best reputation in Prague 10, and that the city district itself has the nickname Cove of the Swine?

I heard the nickname for the first time a month ago. It is not my responsibility to disrupt the operation of local components. We are a metropolitan movement, organized according to the local principle. A member can be someone who lives in a certain place. We have no other ambition and do not want to expand to other regions. If a local organization in Prague 10 is convinced that it is good to strengthen the mayor, I respect them. I can not imagine that I would reject the mayor of a large part unless there is significant evidence that he has committed something dishonest.

Known faces that stand out

Capital City Council:

1. Karel Fischer (formerly ODA and democrat John Kasl)

2. Jiří Nouza (deputy mayor, TOP 09)

3. Vladimir Hujova (ex-star of Prague 3, TOP 09)

4. Ivana Cabrnochová (Vice Mayor of Prague 10, green)

5. Miroslav Zeleny (Exarchist of Prague 5, TOP 09, Head)

6. Alexandr Lochman (mayor of Čakovice)

10. Vladimir Novak (Mayor of Prague 10, CSSD)


Prague 1 – Karel Fischer

Prague 3 – Vladimir Hujova

Prague 4 – Pavel Caldr (ex-star, former ODS and Head Up)

Prague 5 – Miroslav Zeleny

Prague 8 – Josef Nosek (ex-party for the ODS), Václav Musilek (ex-party for the ODS, Sovereign Jana Bobošíková)

Prague 10 – Ivana Cabrnochova, Vladimir Novak

But it looks like you're just recycling your faces …

Is not Bohuslav Svoboda the head of the ODS an old face? They are mainly communally read faces, and at the moment that Prague decays eight years, has no view, we turn to experienced faces. If it does not work now, it is four years.

You have tried to negotiate with the STAN on a joint candidate for municipal elections. Why did not it work?

STAN has a different origin in Prague. We are a communal Prague movement that is interested in the development of Prague, while STAN is nationwide, has an interest in the government and, for example, has a different idea of ​​the redistribution of taxes.

Why do you believe that you will succeed?

We believe that we can achieve Pragues that Prague should be managed by Prague. People who live in Prague, work, raise children, have their parents here. They know Prague. When we did something similar in 2002, when our candidate, led by Jan Kaslo, received 17.5 percent of the votes, so why not at the time when national political parties did not do well in Prague at the time.

Everyone promises to take care of Prague, to repair bridges, to make a circuit, to add teachers …

This can not be promiscuous by the one who has abandoned them, he can not promise to fix it, he has made a mistake and it would be fair if he did not get up. With Prague, those who are patient for her and various polling stations are good-natured, and the evidence is that voters have been elected. We are the only authentic community movement in Prague.

Money is also required for elections. Four years ago, the Passer family brought them, they are no longer here today. How are you going to have it now?

We in the Senate elections in Prague 10, when we supported the founder of Zdeněk Schwarz's rescue in Prague two years ago, tried to prove that if you have a good program, a vision and credible people who represent the vision, the campaign is sufficient to make it comparable with other parties. And only to be seen. Now we have planned a campaign as the sum of all campaigns of the 24 cities where we are, and we finance the superstructure with contributions from donors who come together.

Was Mr Schwarz's name not so much his name as the campaign? After all, he only gained less than ten percent and finished fifth, which is not a success.

But Prague 10 is a big city, it is no longer a candidate for general knowledge. And you have to let people know that they are standing, so the brand campaign is needed.

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