The men moved into Karvina without signs of life from the lake, they had to revive –

The aid workers received information about drowning at three o'clock in the afternoon

. "At the time of the arrival of the crew at the patient, the condition of the failure of all essential life functions continued, the rescuers began extensive resuscitation.The men provided the airways and artificial lung ventilation and it was necessary to defibrillate discharges and drugs, "said a spokesperson for the Moravian-Silesian rescue workers Lukáš Humpl.

He added that according to their information the man swam in water, which was then found without signs of life. The people brought him to the coast and provided him with first aid. Rescuers then succeeded in restoring blood circulation to a man and transporting them to a Karvina hospital.

The lake called the Darkov or the Karviná Sea was only opened to the public this year. The lake, created by mining falls, wants to turn the city into a recreational area with baths under the towers. The water here is beautifully clean and full of fish. In the past it underwent more extensive recovery, which lasted 12 years and cost around 360 million crowns. The water area is owned by Asental, the city leases the

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