The minimum wage is expected to reach half of the average, says Malacova – CT24 – Czech television

The minimum wage since January is CZK 12.200. Trade unions are expected to grow next year by 1,500 CZK, or 12 percent. Malačová as Minister of Labor supports the request of the trade union. According to employers this does not correspond to economic growth and for companies in some sectors such high added value would be a problem. They propose an increase of 800 CZK.

The rules for raising the minimum wage government are promised in the program overview

Trade unions are upgrading the upward model. However, they want to reach an agreement with the employers and the government about the tripartite. "This agreement would then go to the Chamber of Deputies … Whether the 50- or 48-percent valorisation mechanism will be, or if we reach 50 percent in six or seven years, the question is how the deal will look," said ČMKOS President Josef Středula told reporters. According to him, the problem now is to keep the ratio of 40 percent of the average wage.

Hanak: if you raise the minimum wage, you have to raise salaries even "up"

Employers have long argued for a clear formula to increase wages and the added amount can be predicted. Bound to average earnings. The head of the Confederation of Employers and Entrepreneurs & # 39; Unions, Jan Wiesner, said earlier that he would have a share of up to 40 percent of the average wage.

According to the chairman of the Union of Industry and Transport Jiří Hanák, the current proposal, which affects 50 percent of the average salary in Pre-Lombard, populist and employers, can, however, cause damage. "The economy is absolutely at the top, but labor productivity is not increasing The minimum wage is 135 thousand people, but if you lift it, you have to raise wages on all floors, even for the most powerful," stressed Hanak.

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