The minister ordered extraordinary checks on the bridges, the Doubský bridge would be demolished

August 31, 2018, don

31.8. – Road and rail bridges in the Czech Republic, built in the 1960s and 1980s, will be inspected by the Road and Motorways Directorate (ŘSD) and the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC). About a thousand bridges will be examined. After meeting with the heads of the two organizations, Transport Minister Dan said yesterday. He was on the checks. The Doubský bridge in Karlovy Vary is being replaced by a new one and replaced by a new one. The bridge built in the 1960s is in a worse condition than expected, the minister said.

Bridges and their condition have come into the center of attention after the fall of the motorway bridge in Genoa, Italy, in mid-August. He collapsed completely and 43 people died. About the construction of the bridge, the public became interested in December last year after the footbridge in Prague fell Troja. Four people were injured in the accident, two of whom were seriously injured.

According to Dan Ťoka, the condition of the bridges from the 1960s to the 1980s was difficult to check, which was reflected in the double bridge, which was damaged during the reconstruction, in the original inspections undiscovered. "We want to ensure that there is no hidden defect in the vicinity of these bridges that can not be detected normally," said the minister.

Approximately 400 bridges on the track will be inspected and another 600 on motorways and roads. The control will primarily focus on the channels in which the rope is guided.

For similar checks, the ministry called the regions responsible for road II. and III. class. According to Dan Kotok, the emphasis should be on bridges over motorways or railways.

The counties will proceed to the extraordinary control of the bridges built in the 1960s and 1980s, Jana Mračková Vildumetzová, president of the Association of Regions of the Czech Republic, said. For repairing roads and bridges, the regions should receive more money than they do, because of the total of 17,485 traffic bridges they have 72 percent and almost a quarter of them in bad and emergency situations. The State Transport Infrastructure Fund (SFDI) could write a separate subsidy program for bridge repairs, she said. "I see the ideal solution if the funds put the regions directly in their budgets with the exact determination of how much money will be spent on repairing regional roads and how much money specifically for repairing the bridges," she added. to it.

The Doubský bridge, which is the main link across the Ohri River between the D6 motorway and the Pilsen highway, has been closed for reconstruction since April of this year. The closure, which caused considerable traffic complications, ended in November.

Mayor of Karlovy Vary Petr Kulhánek criticized the decision of the ministry. "Prepare for the reconstruction of the most important traffic junction in the 21st century, so that after four months of closures I notice that the bridge is supposed to carry and build a new one, it is absolutely impossible to apologize from my point of view and someone in the whole process has fundamentally failed, resulting in years of complicated traffic in this part of the city and the associated damage to communication and the environment on long-distance routes, "he said.

According to Petr Kulhánek, the impossibility of reconstructing the Dvorský bridge, which is ready for 2019, is even more serious: the Dvorský bridge now serves as an alternative to Doubský, but the state of its construction requires an urgent reconstruction. This would start just after the completion of the Doubs bridge.

Petr Kulhánek wants to know who is responsible for the mistake. It also requires a pedestrian crossing through the Doubs bridge until it is knocked down and the construction of a pedestrian bridge for the passage of people during reconstruction.

There are almost 18,000 road bridges in the Czech Republic and more than 6750 railway bridges. The RMS is responsible for about 5,000 bridges, six of which are in first class in a state of emergency. These bridges are closed and are being repaired or replaced by a new building. There is no bridge over the railway line, according to the railways, 361 bridges are currently being repaired. The state will release up to 1.5 billion CZK for the modernization of the bridges.


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