The murderer slaughtered a woman in Prague with a hammer. The police Connor hit him and bites him in the calf –

The incident occurred shortly before midnight in Paví hora in Prague 5. An unidentified man invaded the woman "Several times she hit her with a hammer on the upper body and also on the head He shouted that he would kill her When he was disturbed by the reporter, he left his actions and ran away, trying to take a mobile phone to his wife, but that did not work, "said police spokesman Jan Rybanský.

The police patrol in an adjacent forest park, where the attacker felt hidden in the bushes after a few minutes. But he still tried to escape the police.

The attacker stopped the police dog Connor

The injured woman had to bring the medical staff to the hospital

PHOTO: police of the Czech Republic

"Connor, the April Constabulary's winner of the Prague police cynologist, who trained for this type of operation, also came in. Given the assumption that the rapist was still armed with a hammer, he gave the handler an order, wait. Connor left, the man hit the ground and made an acorn in his right calf, even though he was kicked several times, "said the spokesperson.

The attacker ended after being treated in a police cell and the injured woman had to be admitted to the hospital. The police investigate the case as an attempted theft, leaving the suspect in jail for up to twelve years.

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