The Negrelli viaduct is in a worse condition than expected. Reconstruction seems to extend –

Most arches are about one hundred and today it is clear that fourteen of them will have to be demolished because of the bad technical condition and to build new ones. Now she is waiting for another two to diagnose the same fate. Then the building could stretch for a quarter of a year. The original date was at the end of 2019.

Up to half of the unique building, which was in operation for about 160 years and needed revitalization, has been reconstructed. The work began in July last year.

The completion of the reconstruction is estimated at the end of 2019.

The completion of the reconstruction is estimated at the end of 2019 but can be postponed.


"Unsuitable bridges were removed over the streets of the First Regiment and Křižík Removal of the tracks, excavation of the safe, work on the watertightness of the supporting structure The bridge was cleaned up, some vaults removed and replaced by new ones, under strict supervision of the Klokner Institute and nature conservationists, "said Petr Hofhanzl of SŽDC on Thursday.

Until now, he said, there were only minor complications in the building. "Minor problems arose when the vaults were exhausted, with the missing reinforced concrete slab, which the designer had anticipated to a greater extent, and this complication slowed the building by two months," Hofhanzl added, adding that otherwise everything was planned.

The rebuilding includes anti-vibration mats, which should reduce the operation of trains. They are laid over the entire length of the bridge, just before the track and gravel. In the cellars in the future there will be a café or pedestrian area. This must contribute to the architectural improvement of Karlin.

Historical findings

The recovery of the viaduct has also yielded surprising results. "Interesting are the vaulted vaults.On the back you can see the historic stones that indicate the strength of our ancestors who built the building," Novinkam told the construction manager, pointing to different stones that were engraved with building signs.

Builders have discovered historical building blocks on stones.

Builders have discovered historical building blocks on stones.


The viaduct is almost one and a half kilometers long. Even after commissioning, finishing work will be carried out at the bottom, according to SŽDC. The complete reconstruction will be about 1.5 billion. But now the costs are 1.2 billion, of which one billion is financed by the European Union.

The work is carried out in collaboration with the National Monument Institute. "Viaduct is a unique cultural monument and we repair it responsibly, in accordance with the requirements of nature conservationists," Transport Minister Dan Djok said.

The building is part of a planned project. It must take care of the railway connection from Václav Havel Airport.

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