The new building of the National Museum blew out of the sink of the poked pipe and 20 cm of water at home

PRAGUE In the afternoon, the water from the 20 centimeters of water escaped from the bleeding pipeline to a memorial of the new building of the National Museum of Prussia. Look, he is a natural man. say it says Martin Kavka's bang. Water and sewage pipes (PVK) detect whether the fungus was on the waterline or on the internal drain. It is not clear whether water has caused any damage.

Hasii was allowed in the new building of the National Museum before 11 am. In the city the pipes were seen and no water. There was about 15 and 20 inches of water, Kavka said.

The Hasii had called the museum and the water company that had stairs. They were so prepared to remove the water if necessary. It seems to us that there is no need for help, the water is of course the odtee of the suternum, he added.

According to the spokesperson of Tome Mrzka, the PVK employees closed the water intake. It is not clear whether this was a matter of divorce or public affairs, he said. The probes are being kicked up to find out where the problem has arisen, he added.

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The new museum of the national museum was built for the Prague stock exchange and it was opened in February 1938. After the First World War it was distributed to the national assembly and later in the federal assembly. Since 1995, it has delivered Rdiu Svobodn Evropa / Rdio Svoboda. The National Museum has been pat since 2006. Today it is a cultural monument.

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