The Ostrava Zoo was overthrown by a cruise train, four injuries –

Representatives of the zoo do not want to comment on the event. "The accident has fallen outside the visitor's route," said Šárka Nováková, a spokesperson for a zoo, without further details.

As police spokesman Richard Palat said, the accident happened when the mountain train went downhill. "There was an uncoordinated acceleration of the kit when driving down the slope and then the off-road trip to the lawn where the wagons have fallen and we currently know about four injured passengers, but other people may hospitals have been treated.We are still collecting this information, "Palat said.

A seventy year old driver is suspected of being wounded by negligence. He told the police that the train apparently had a technical error and did not brag. "An expert report will be drawn up on the technical condition of the vehicle," added Palat.

Two eruptions

"A medical and a medical exit group came from the nearest habitats and the first rescue workers were eliminated within four minutes of taking the exit sequence," said rescue worker Ladislav Lang.

A fourteen-year-old man and a ten-year-old were hit by one of the wagons, the witnesses of the event had freed them before the crew arrived. "Both were conscious, an injured man complaining about the chest pain, the boy had a bullet on his head and reported headaches.After providing pre-hospital emergency, both were transferred to the Ostrava Teaching Hospital and transferred to the medical emergency services, "Lang said.

Rescuers took care of two more people. A twenty-seven-year-old woman suffered superficial injuries in the area of ​​the thigh and lower leg and a five-year-old girl complained of ankle pain. "Both were also taken to a different treatment at the University Hospital in Ostrava," added Lang.

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