The owner of the car forgot behind the parking lot to close the window. Put it 200 tisc

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Last night he was parked in the morning before parking his car in Dun's dungeon. Without the wingspan of the bag he left when he left, the driver's window

This one an hour later he did not know, a 180 centimeter high junior, with a hood of a dog's head and a black crayfish, he talked to the police , Tom Hulan,

He married him on the street. Then he drank from his car and pulled something out of the open window. Then he drank, about seven o'clock in the morning he poured piblin ticetilet ena into the same car, dressed in a summer sun and a khaki minisuk. She went into the car and went inside. She threw away the object, which immediately took the shot in the bag and took a step backwards. Then she dived, drank again in the car and took another one.

The owner of the car said that he had a drink, a debit card and a penny, in which he put about two hundred crowns in a pepot on an aces, Hulan said. Both suspected that the police could not help, he added. The politicians therefore turn to the public with the request for assistance with the murders

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