The owner of the castle in Perucci refuses to walk across the area to Emil Filla Hall

"We want to repeat once again that we want everyone to do something with us, whether they are lawyers or the owner, in some way," she said.

In the hall, the Benedict Rejt Gallery in Louny is run, a contributing organization for the region. The aim is to return the works of the cubist painter, which is also a condition for the donation treaty of the 1950s. The government has a material burden on part of the building with the atrium. Filla created a series of landscapes in the Central Bohemian Mountains in Peruka.

Governments do not know what work the owner has introduced. The entrance has plummeted and today there was an opinion about alleged damage to the building due to unsuitable drainage. Gallery director Benedikt Rejt, Alica Štefančíková, labeled the statement as untrue and asked for public dementia.

"I will consult with experts and we will consider further steps, but we will defend ourselves," Štěfančíková told reporters today.

Before 1989 the castle belonged to the Ministry of Culture, then owned by a municipality that later sold it to a private owner. The Ústecký kraj is considering buying an item from this owner, but he did not. Then the castle was bought by the current owner.

Pavel Ondráček, the owner of the castle and the medieval tavern Dětenice, supports the reconstruction project. The creation of Emil Filla's Memorial Hall was the idea of ​​his wife, who transferred his estate to the state. These collections are according to Štěpánčík & # 39; s national cultural heritage and can not be transferred elsewhere or elsewhere. "The purpose of the memorial hall is to preserve the genius loci where the artist lived and created the work", the gallery director added.

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