The parachute drove in Strašnice?! Dog Charlie ended with an ugly cut hip, had to go to an operation

Kristýna Muroňová's partner, as usual, arranged his beloved four-year-old Charlie Weimar on Monday morning. And as usual he let him out of his belt for a while, so that he would blow up in the green between the apartment buildings in Prague 10. But then, from a simple morning walk, the nightmare became a nightmare – Charlie ended with an ugly cut at his side. "Between the streets of Černická and Úžlabí in Strasnice we cut our dog," Kristyna wrote about the awful experience on Facebook two hours later when she waited for a vet to get the dogs to work.

Christina is convinced that Charlie has probably deliberately attacked the man who moved in that spot. "We saw him running," she said he was a small figure, a black coat, black trousers and a black backpack on his back. His face, she and her friend who was there with her, unfortunately did not see. The owner is rewarded for help in catching the perpetrator.

He had no reason

The reason why someone has committed such a humiliating act to a defenseless animal is that it remains a reason to stand. Charlie did not annoy him in the words of his owner. "Phe did nothing. The doctors said it must be a drug addictbecause otherwise no one can explain why. The dog really did nothing, or did not notice it, the cattle, "the owner of the infected dog described.

The case is also handled by the police. "Now we take the necessary steps to make the whole clear. At this moment I do not know that there would be a similar case in Prague", Said Jan Daněk, a spokesman for the Prague police, to

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