The people remembered the bombings of August 1968 with the streets in the streets

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The invasion 18 has brought 130 mts in the country. There were thousands of soldiers in each country, said Jan Petruel. The organizers of the Fujar Club were the can library.

We consider it necessary and appropriate and necessary to remind ourselves of years of history about what 1968 and the troops of the Warsaw Pact are. She was also interested in the non-creative and creative form with which the library in Ronov pod Radhotm and the Fujar Society was drunk, said Martin Woln, editor of the library.

Eighteen towns and villages in the Moravia-Silesia region – Ostrava, Tinec, Blovec, Kozlovice, Studnka, Fulnek, Pbor and Opava were connected with Invasion 18.

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