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According to Pirt, the European Parliament and Council Directive on copyright in the digital single market contains two very problematic issues. Article 11 recommends that only the link is closed by a publisher who may require a publisher to only charge a link or the appearance of a visitor.

11 m to ensure that Google News, Facebook, Twitter or the UK platform list The pietistic links to the lnk-insights pay the publisher a fee, Tom Martnek (Pirti) said on Sunday.

And Google and Facebook have mistreated their advertising revenues, members of the European Parliament

According to her, the bag would not be able to take advantage of the publishers themselves if these large platforms decided to refer to the news servers, for example. On the other hand, the publisher suffers from the creation of content from the related advertising websites of technology companies such as Google or Facebook.

Individual efforts have been made in some EU countries to address issues such as eit. In Germany, the publisher of printed publishers (VG Media) was looking for a free search link. But when Google did not threaten to refer to the media at all, publishers were shy and returned from their demands. It is striking that even the Nmecka country on the internet is not the giant itself. That is why politicians now set rules for the entire Union. The European Parliament would like to negotiate about halfway.

Pirti on the digital gigantic side

The Union publishes that Pirti expresses its opposition to the improvement of the copyright protection of an interpreter, composer, producer of film or television content, but to publishers and publishers. That's why they support technology giants – Google, Facebook and other digital platforms – says Union Executive Vclav Mach.

Article 11 is not about forgetting the content of publishers for personal needs. So it is not clear from the legacy of how the publisher tries to simplify the publisher's complexity to keep them on the alert for the public, Mach added.

In the past, the idea was supported by MEP Pavel Svoboda (KDU-SL). The European copyright law was abolished around 2000 in the field of technology such as satellite or cable tuning, but has not been prepared for the first time. And firstly, it is the duty of this – that is, first on the internet, he said to Liberty's arrest. It can not be excluded that, in some areas, in my opinion it is limited to the current state. It's not about censorship, he said.

Who controls the content?

According to Pirt, Pater is the risk of a service provider such as Google or another discussion room where data can be scanned to actively check the file against the central database of the authors. In their view, this assumption was based on the introduction of an automated filter that companies could not pay to use.

We can not define fake news. Stt should not first censor, the expert

The deposit of proposed Pirty and other critics is not true, according to the executive editor of the Union, editor Vclav Mach. In the above it is stated that the audit would be carried out in a manner that is a model and taking into account, inter alia, the nature of the services, the availability of the technology and their activity with regard to technological developments. The proposal must therefore take into account the monopoly of the company. The reform according to Mach is aimed at establishing a balance between the three parties involved in the value chain on the internet.

The Sunday demonstration in Prague was part of the events that Pirti had given to the theme of European leadership at pan-European level. In the past, for example, sympathizers have called for European mail to be sent to the European Parliament. They have criticized the reference points about copyright.

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