The police accused owners of dogs who had bitten a woman in Zlín –

The incident took place on 26 May. "A twenty-six-year-old woman walked past the accused man's garden with her dog, which led them on a leash, at which time the garden fence jumped over two dogs, and the woman and her dog fell aggressively and bitten in different places. The pursuit of their attack was avoided to the owner who threw them over, "said the spokesman for Zlin police Monika Kozumplíková.

The woman was handsome, in the case of the attacking dogs, the policemen were a hybrid, who was said to be the staff cross.

According to the police, the man has not taken adequate measures against the escape of dogs from his garden. "Dogs have caused serious injury to the woman with whom she was admitted to hospital and was still being treated.In the case of acknowledgment of guilt and conviction, the accused man is imprisoned for six months to four years," the spokesman added. toe.

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