The police have secured new synthetic drugs. He was accused of the hunter at home

OSTRAVA In connection with the case of synthetic drugs, which the region Moravia-Silesia, the police accused of illegal labor and others with narcotics and psychotropic drugs and smallpox muj. In total it has eight people. The police registers 23 people of Peoples, two of whom die. Novine reported on the police talk with Gabriela Pokorn. The policeman has not yet discovered synthetic cannabinoids, so there are about 130 bottles of these drugs in different forms.

The new prosecutor is a thirty-year-old who has been threatened and kidnapped, his accusation related to Opava's case. Until now, drugs were found in Ostrava and first in Opava.

Obviously there are eight people aged 17-41. Only a few of them are in danger of becoming drunk. And for 18 years, but I bt condemned esteticetilet mu. According to the available information, it is the homeless who used the medicine on Monday with those young men. The man died after her. Homeless people were admitted to the hospital for the first time because it was also a health problem. In the meantime, the court in Ostrava made a connection. He had given him one hundred and eighty-five years old, and the one in Opava, beyond the homeless. The police have been drunk in the case of suspected cases of death that may be related to the cause.

Remains of pallets

Dangerous medicine I look like suen plant material that looks like a cannabis or plant root. However, substances can appear in crystalline form and can be used for medicines such as methamphetamine or extran. Strict health problems are mainly associated with alcohol.

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