The police in the hip-hop camp found drugs for 180 people. There was a bus driver

Police at the Hip Hop Hemp Hop Festival in Králové, which ran from Wednesday to Sunday morning, beat about 180 people with medicines. The biggest offense committed was the detention of two foreigners of 610 grams of hashish. Policemen with customs officers and policemen in the festival park at Hradec airport controlled more than 2,400 people and more than 1,200 cars. Police spokesman Ondřej Moravčík said.

This year's 17th festival confirmed that Hip Hop Kemp is the most risky cultural festival from the point of view of the Hradec Králové police. "22 people were detained for suspected crimes, overwhelmingly toxic, and more than 160 people had fewer drugs, documented and resolved", said Moravčík.

Drunken police drivers found 13, under the influence of psychotropic and narcotic 45 drivers. Also detained by the bus driver, who had brought several visitors to the festival, was detained. Several of them had drugs. The police have imposed bail for a total of CZK 850,000.

Customs officers have used specially trained dogs to search for drugs. "They also used an itemizer, which very quickly identified the presence of specific narcotic and psychotropic substances, even in trace amounts of the dispersed surfaces"said customs spokesman Jitka Fajstavrová.

According to the organizers, the festival passed 16,000 visitors. The organizers of the largest hip-hop show in Central and Eastern Europe prepared hundreds of performers on six stages.

The first year of the Hip Hop Kemp Festival took place in 2002 in Pardubice, after two years the organizers of the event moved to Silver Pond to Hradec Králové because of noise problems. Due to the great interest of the visitors, the complex was not enough and the organizers moved the festival to the airport of Hradec.

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