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Uherské Hradiště The police have proposed to prosecute five people for a tragic accident during a rally in Lopeník in Uherskohradišťsku, where four race cars lost their lives in 2012. The information provided by Czech television was confirmed by Public Prosecutor Tomáš Pindur. The prosecutor was only confronted with line commander Petr Plášek. It is now apparently the head of the Petr Bujacek race and three people from the car federation, who have been fighting the police since last year.

"I can confirm that the police sent me a file with a motion to initiate a lawsuit: five people, one line commissioner and four people who participated in the organization of the race," he said without further details about Pindur.

The regional edition of the Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) for the Zlin region of January stated that, according to Pindura, the accused people are criminally responsible for organizing race, safety or pre-race control. Bujáček then told the newspaper that the Prosecution had stopped him. From the start of the investigation, he claims that he has met all safety requirements and has done everything he needs to train the supervisory directors. Representatives of the car club also stand up for a busy event, MfD said in January.

The courts have dealt with the case several times, but they have not yet accepted the final award. The tragedy that girls of seven, 18, 18 and 20 years old were on 10 November 2012. The organizer did not miss the original findings of the police. The prosecutor was not even a driver, lawyer Michael Bartoncik, who drove the race on a closed circuit, although the police also signed a horseback accident in the accident. The car was in order, according to the owner who hired the driver.

The court in Uherské Hradiště concluded last year that Plášek was wrong when the girls reported no dangerous situation. He received a conditional sentence of 18 months.

The Supreme Court judged the verdict as wrong

The regional court of Brno has canceled the judgment and returned the case to the public prosecutor. The Court of Appeal pointed to alleged misconduct of organizers who did not guarantee the safety of viewers. The court of the region was marginal. The organizers, according to this court, did not want people in Lopenik to know about the races and knew the risk spots. The training of the line commissioners was considered completely inadequate by the court of appeal.

The Supreme Court (NS), on which the former Minister of Justice Robert Pelikan (ANO) appealed to the complaint, described the verdict of the regional court as incorrect. According to the NS, the regional court, by referring the case back to the preliminary procedure, with a call to consider further prosecution of other people, violated the law in favor of Plášek. However, the NS was only of academic significance, the decision of the regional court remained valid.

Plášek was again indicted in May 2017. The case had to be resolved by the court in Uherskohrad. In the autumn, however, the prosecutor withdrew from court and ordered the police to re-examine the circumstances of the accident.

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