The policeman pulled the gun for no reason. This is what he defends

The incident happened last fall. The driver traveled through Pilsen and flashed the car for an allegedly dangerous maneuver when overtaking. Two police officers followed him in the catch-up car.

The injured policeman attacked the driver without distinction. According to the attacker's words, he hit him in his head. "Policemen are not properly legitimized and the way of acting is in violation of the law," says the lawyer of the injured man, Ronald Němec. & # 39; The agent has also pulled the gun, & # 39; the lawyer added.

"I pulled the pistols out of the service kid, but it was not the use of a weapon, because I only had it on my thigh and was always directed to the ground," said the accused policeman Vladimir Slavotinek.

However, the lawyer is of the opinion that the policeman has failed and is worried about his life. The injured man complains that he has had psychological problems since then.

The suitor is faced with a prison sentence of five years and with job loss. He now works for the intervention unit of the police. The judge of the Pilsen court wants the ruling to be pronounced on 27 September.

According to the researchers from the General Inspectorate of the Security Corps, the other policeman did not commit the crime. The regional director apologized for the treatment long ago.

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