The rain had fallen in the Zlín region, the Malenovická Hvězda moved to a heated JIP

From the rain in the afternoon he turned out to be a good sled that & # 39; s in the evening and & # 39; caused damage from Saturday to Sunday.

The house of services for Hvězda senior in Malenovice, Zlín, experienced an hour of grace on Saturday afternoon.

"It was a terrible thing," said Miroslava Kalivodova, director. From the rain in the afternoon he turned out to be a good sled that & # 39; s in the evening and & # 39; caused damage from Saturday to Sunday.

"The filled cherry top did not let the water enter the ceiling," Roman Zemlička, spokesman for the Zlin region, tells us about the events in the seniors' home. The water that penetrated the ceiling then burned the JIP.

"It flooded the entire floor, including the nursery, hallway and sanitation, and the ceilings have dropped," the organization's director said about the disaster.

They were forced to immediately move the eight-lying patients, disconnect everything from electricity and used backup sources. In one part of the building even the electricity has completely disappeared.

"Fortunately, we have oxygen bottles for every patient who lasts as long as needed to transport patients," said the director.

Employees interrupted their holiday

Water came into the basement, flooded warehouses, rooms and wardrobes for staff and the pump was not enough to suck up the water.

"We called the firefighters and I must thank them very much, they helped us tremendously," she added. Twelve firefighters arrived, put the pumps in and saved the parent house from further damage.

"One ceiling had to be demolished," explained the firefighter's spokesman, Roman Žemlička. Firefighters also helped to move heavy beds to patients.

Other hospice employees were also called and everyone went to the hospital to get patients back as quickly as possible.

"Even the girls interrupted the holiday to help, they brought their husbands along, everyone was great, thanks," said the director.

The building had to be scrubbed and disinfected several times because the water from the gutters was mixed with water from the channels.

JIP patients were transported four hours later. Then the staff went on cleaning.

"We worked in three hours, in the morning, from five," she admitted. "Thanks also to Alena Kostková of SG3," added Jana Kalivodová.

Flooded cellars, mud on the road

Firefighters have removed the effects of heavy rainfall on the territory of the entire Zlín region.

The power of the rain grew, and from 7 o'clock in the evening life was complicated for people.

"Firefighters have pumped water, cleaned sewerage and road traffic," said Roman Zemlička, the firefighter's spokesperson for the Zlin region.

Until the morning hours the firefighters spoke with more than twenty-five reported events.

An unsecured roof was released in Slavkov in Uherské Hradiště, in Hulín in the Kroměříž region and in Štípa in Zlín and other places appeared in the basement.

"The majority of the matter was mud on the road or wood on the road," the spokesman explained.

The marsh flooded the road in the building of Tomas Bata Regional Hospital.

In Držná v Zlínsku about ten tiles stood in a steep stream of water in the stream.

In Kostelec u Zlína clay and stones were plowed from the repaired road in restaurant U Staňků.

"Damage caused by the rain is only material at the moment Damage is not reported," Roman Žemlička added

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