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PRAGUE The reconstruction of the Prague-Bubny station, which is now being neglected, begins on 7 September with a concert performance of the famous Czechoslovak film store on corset by the Prague symphony orchestra. The building, whose history is linked to Jewish transport, must now come to life through various cultural events. The Society of Shoah, Prague, has announced this in a press release.

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Prague-Bubny railway station, which has long been one of the largest unused buildings in the city (so-called "brownfields"), was rebuilt in the autumn of this year. It also contains a monumental Memorial of Silence, commemorating the transports of Jews, which were reported between 1941 and 1945 in the ghettos of Lodz and Terezin.

The concert of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra will also be linked to the theme of Judaism and the Second World War. He plays the compositions of Zdeněk Liška from Oscar-winning "Shop on Corset". The film by Jan Kadar and Elmar Klose, shot according to the book by Ladislav Grosman, tells the story of an old Jewish and sensual carpenter who names the nazis as the "actor" of her store.

"This year is a breakthrough, especially as Prague City Hall is starting the process of revitalizing the station with investment aid already approved, and eventually a real reconstruction of the station will be started at the monument. the beginning of the construction that the city of Prague is now going to start, "said documentary maker Pavel Štingl of the Shoah Memorial Society in Prague, who has been working on the reconstruction of the station for a long time.

The train station recalls the great stories from the 20th century

In September and October several theater performances are prepared for the station in Bubne, such as Ucho, inspired by the production of Karel Kachyni by the Na Vinohrady Theater, a comical monologue that reflects xenophobia and neo-Nazism in football fans, or the adaptation of War Emil František Burian .

On 20 September, Bubny will present the documentary Dead Men by the Romanian director Radu Jude, who recalls the Holocaust Jews. According to the organizers, each of the cultural events should be a "parable of the great stories of the 20th century".

The construction of the Prague-Bubny railway station was completed in 1868. The newly constructed railway then served to connect the so-called Buštěhrad railway with the current Masaryk station. The current train station dates back to 1923. The trains were not reported after the Second World War and the station became a reminder of the horrors of the Nazis. The complex also included depots, heating installations and workshops whose operation was definitively discontinued in 2000.

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