The repair of the Negrelli viaduct will be longer

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The repair of the Negrelli viaduct will be longer

The reconstruction of the Negrelli viaduct in Prague is likely to be stretched. Builders will have to break and rebuild 14 bridge vaults because of the technical condition, a further six will still be evaluated.

The Railway Transport Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) presented the work for the press conference. The repairs of the protected viaduct with a total of CZK 1.4 billion would be completed in the autumn of 2019, according to the original assumptions. Martin Dedina During the preparatory work, however, construction company Hochtief showed that some parts of the bridge were in a worse condition than initially assumed. The deadline for completing modernization is now estimated at April 2020, but the exact date is only known in the next correction procedure.

Reconstruction is according to the rail administration in the third. Now the work has to be moved to the river bed between the Buben dyke and Stvanica. According to the railway men's plan, they are redeveloping all 99 original bridges. Two bridge structures between the streets of the First Regiment and Křižík are completely replaced. At the same time, the reconstruction will unite all parts that had a different design or shape. In addition, the builders will completely replace the railway superstructure, including the technological parts and the restoration of the foundations. Reconstruction should reduce the noise of passing trains by recording anti-vibration mats.

Reconstruction would be according to the director general of SŽDC Jiří Svoboda must allow the introduction of a line speed of 60 km / h.

The Negrelli viaduct was commissioned in 1850. The reconstruction of the 1110 meter long viaduct started last summer and was compiled by Hochtief, Strabag and Avers. Viaduct is named after the builder Alois Negrelli. It is traditionally the first Prague railway bridge over the Vltava river. It has long been the largest bridge building in our country and is still in third place in this category. In 1910 it was even the longest bridge in Europe.


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