The rope bridge on the D11 is similar to the bridge in Genoa, but dangerous is not –

The Road and Motorway Directorate manages 1682 bridges in the Czech Republic. Each of them has a well-defined program of inspections and inspections for ten, fifteen years in advance. One of them is a visual inspection, which took place in Podebrady on Wednesday.

"The rope bridge is a rarity on the Czech road network, with around three to four of these in the Czech Republic, with the same construction elements with a bridge that collapsed in Genoa (Italy)," said RSD spokesman Jan Rýdl. He added that this is the reason why he is now trying to show the state of the bridge to the drivers.

Rope bridge at D11 near Podebrady.

Rope bridge at D11 near Podebrady.

PHOTO: Ludmila Žlábková, Právo

ŘSD reported last week that there are six bridges on class I roads in the emergency situation. But he did not want to mention them, he only said that they are usually repaired or that demolition is waiting for them. [celá zpráva]

"The structure consists of a hollow beam connected by a steel concrete bridge, the supporting structure is suspended from 84-pole pylons, the height of the pylon is 28 meters", says Jiri Hlavatý, director of the quality control department of the ŘSD , on the Poděbrady bridge.

"In addition to the cable suspension, this bridge was built using prestressed cables to the concrete structure of individual prefabricated parts of the bridge, an element that was owned by structures such as the footbridge in Prague Troy or Nymburk," Rydl added, adding that the Poděbrady bridge has a normal loading capacity of 26 tons, extraordinary and in a special mode it can be loaded up to 64 tons.

On another bridge, the spokesman recently tested an extreme stress test. The bridge, with a capacity of 21 tons, weighed 142 tons. They waited for destruction, but he did not move.

Exchange the conclusions

The bridge construction of the D11 bridge is currently a quality assessment on the seven point scale of the four – sufficient.

This year roadmakers carried out a correction of suspension ropes, which means that they straighten the stresses to individual load lines. Next maintenance work is planned for next year. It includes the exchange of bridges. After this repair, the quality assessment of the bridge returns to the second class and the life of the bridge is extended by another thirty years.

"During the repair, the ropes will be equipped with special strain gauges, which will remotely detect the tension in the ropes, and thus the behavior of the bridge, and we will follow the results in our on-line dispatch center", concludes Rydl.

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