The runaway driver hid in the canal in Ostrava, the official dog –

The police patrol discovered the suspect driver shortly before 4pm in Muglinovska Street in Ostrava. "He did not respect the order to stop and went to the exit, the car later passed a barrier on the construction site, stopped in front of the concrete revolts and the driver ran away," police spokesman Gabriela Pokorná said on Tuesday.

Policemen argue for reinforcement and also their fellow dog handler with eight-year-old assistance dog Bart. The animal eventually blew the perpetrator into one of the channel inlets.

The driver hid from the police in the canal, found by the servant of Bart

The driver walked through the construction site

PHOTO: police of the Czech Republic

"Bart marked the place unmistakably and the policemen were on their way to the shelter After removing the cover, footwear was noticeable at a depth of a few meters, and when a policeman descended into space, it turned out that a man was hiding", the spokesman.

The check showed that he had a driving ban until November 2020 and that he is driving a stolen car. "The benchmark test was positive for amphetamine," added Pokorna and said that a seventeen-year-old perpetrator is suspected of violating an official decision and can not exclude further crimes.

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