The seniors get better, confirmed by the signature of Zeman. How much and to whom will pensions grow?

Pensions should rise in the coming year an average of CZK 600. The government wants all pensioners because of the change in the pension compositionto manage another 300 crowns. This step should be about 11 billion crowns next year, legal valorisation to around 24 billion. Pensions are valued at half the real wage growth and price increases, which does not change the change.

The pension consists of a fixed percentage and a percentage. The fixed part is the same for everyone and the earnings percentage reflects the years worked and the amount of income and contributions. He will do so according to the amendment the fixed part of the pension corresponds to ten percent of the average wage instead of the nine previous onesnt. The share of the merit part is slightly smaller. The role will play in future valorisation. Better people with lower pensions, others will increase pensions slightly more slowly than they have been. Next year the measures will not be implemented as a result of the transitional provision.

Older seniors get something extra & # 39; s

The exact amount of the pension assessment for the following year will be determined by the government in September on the basis of the new rules. An increase in part of the pensions with CZK 1,000 per month was set immediately in January next year. These are about 200,000 seniors. The costs of this growth are estimated at 2.4 billion kronor for next year.

According to the authors of the government proposal, older seniors have to be added more because of their higher spending on care and medicines. The reason is that older seniors they have lower pensions than the younger ones. 30 years ago they entered an old-age pension with a lower amount. Although they have recalculated later, they are still considerably smaller than younger pensioners.

Up to now, when they are 100 years old. It rises with 2000 crowns.

In March, the Czech Social Security Agency paid 2.4 million old-age, 423,400 disability and 68,200 survivors' pensions. For example, some pensions received 2.9 million people. The average retirement pension amounted to CZK 12,347 in March.

In the future, the statutory revaluation of pensions is expected to delay the outlook for the growth of the budget for the Treasury. The outlook is estimated to be around $ 21 billion to travel in the year 2020, and about 18.5 billion in crowns about two years later.

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