The Slovakian train has traveled from Kopivnice to repair and will have 35 million stunts Companies and markets

Kopivnice (Noviysko) Legendrn eleznin vz Slovensk strela made in 1936 in Tate in a fifth specialized company left from Kopivnice in Novojinsk, where the train wanted lta outside the museum, for a two-year complete reconstruction to the company MO in Hranice in Perovsko. The repair costs 35 million. After the reconstruction, the set will be in Kopivnica in the new deposit in the new car museum Tatra, can work again and go to the dormitory. Newspapers have today leased deputies from leading companies.

At Strela the sawmills were cut down by people. Workers from the transport company first started the help of the reel slowly in long nvs. He managed to maneuver and retreat for a long minute, and set off. The train will be repaired in two years along the tracks along its own axis.

The biggest battle is to use the Slovak missile as a latch for the new regional museum that is being built at the edge of the carpool, said Tatra Trucks general manager, Radek Strouhal. According to him, the rocket is essentially a technique and one of the fastest trains ever to ride on the tracks.

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Reconstruction will be according to the original documentation. Also pay attention to what happened in the past with some insensitive reconstructions. It will be full. We will make many breakthroughs, so the vehicle will be destroyed as much as possible, Strouhal said.

The Depo is made in such a way that the chassis is also attached. We will also pull it out before the troika licks to start and disable the unique ride that is there, because it is essentially the first hybrid train, Strouhal said.

Renovator Jan Palas said that the Propulsion was unique in combining the drive of an electric motor with a combustion engine. His ability was mainly due to the fact that he had the innate tracnical qualities, he went on and spoke, Palas said.

The work on the reconstruction of Strela, according to Nj, will be nron, it will contain a lot of material and many structural elements. There will be two contradictory requirements around the dark, and this is comparative legislation on the operation of unoccupied vehicles, ie regulations, standards and, on the other hand, the historical appearance of the vehicle and the original design, said the restorer.

Nron will therefore be corrected by the patent of the CNN hnac agregt inenra Josef Sousedek. It is not even a mechanical, but especially an electrical one. This electrical control unit is not known today, Palas said.

Expenditure on the project including the construction of a down payment of 118 million kronor, of which 80 million t grant. The new Tatra Museum is expanding and also the fact that we have bought a remarkable collection of special and special tatras from a private collection, said co-owner Tatra Trucks Ren Mate.

The museum runs the county and Tatra donated the land to the hall with a dollop of mud. He can coordinate with the current Technical Museum Tatra. Expected installation costs exceed 120 million crowns. At the same time, we will select the construction contractor and finalize the concept version of the new museum exhibition, said Moravian-Silesian Governor Ivo Vondrk (ANO).

Slovensk strela is the only movable monument in the Moravia-Silesia region. The engines were placed on the line Prague – Bratislava, so it was named Slovensk strela. He traveled with only one stop in Brno, and it was the fastest route to escort the escudos. The route was after a few hours and 50 minutes.

After the arrest of some kind of wolves, Slovakia was shot dead by a lack of fuel. After a trip with a wolf he mainly led as a minister or train wagon, and also carried representatives from Czechoslovakia to the Nuremberg process. He went to go in the 1950s when he was defeated. The trains of Slovensk strela were made two. A later he healed and the species came to the Kopivnicke museum in 1960. The long decade is one of the symbols of the city.

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