The state is represented by the Ministry of Finance in the dispute over the article by Peroutuk, Zeman is a secondary party

The granddaughter of Peroutka, Tereza Kaslova, filed a suit through the presidential office and demanded an apology for Zeman's statements to the journalist.

Prague – The state disagrees with statements by President Milos Zeman about journalist Ferdinand Peroutka to represent the Ministry of Finance. Information by Czech television was confirmed by the spokesman for the Prague District Court 1 Alena Novotná. According to CT, the president joined as an intervener. The case will be resolved by a new judge.

Zeman, January 27, 2015, told Peroutka in a speech to the Holocaust Jubilee, that he wrote an article entitled Hitler & # 39; s Gentleman in the magazine Presence. At the same time he added: "We can not sing with the angels, we have to fight with wolves." In the end it turned out that the author of the tender is Jan Stránský.

The state through the Office of the President of the Republic (CPR) sued the granddaughter of Peroutka, Terezie Kaslova, and demanded an apology for Zeman's statements to Peroutka. Justice has given her the right to apologize for the fact that the president has named her grandfather as the author of the article & # 39; Hitler is a lord & # 39 ;.

The Czech Republic did not have to apologize for the error of the Declaration of Declaration and the reflection on the fascination of intellectuals with everyday learning, according to the verdict. After the judgment of the Supreme Court (NS), the Prague District Court 1 will have to re-examine the case.

According to the Supreme Court, an inappropriate law was used and the Office of the President of the Republic, but another institution, was not to act. The court also stated in the statement of reasons that if the president causes injuries in the performance of his duties, he can be brought to court and claim compensation.

The article in the presence of Prague Castle was not found according to historians.

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