The statements of Klaus Jr. stand on the edge, ODS Vice President says at home

PRAGUE Certain statements by Václav Klaus the Younger (ODS) have recently been on the verge of being feasible. The deputy chairman and ODS senator Miloš Vystrčil said at a press conference on Wednesday for the Chamber of Deputies. He stepped up to attend a meeting of the House of the Citizens' Democrats, on which the views of Klaus were discussed. Vystrčil added that it is possible that the issue can only be resolved internally.

"We are not going to throw a wedge through our wedge, but on the other hand what Václav Klaus of today says in my opinion is on the edge of what is still possible and bearable," said Vystrčil. "If you want to be successful, you have to form a team and the team consists of people who work together and not soloists," he added.

The son of a former president has recently been criticized as an article in which he questioned the Czech military mission in Afghanistan. According to his party colleague Jana Černochová, Klaus gave him false information. She advised him to give information, "who he understands & # 39;

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Facing his own side, Klaus also stood up with the announcement that he would support his father, Ladislav Jakl, who is a candidate in Prague 2 with the support of the SPD, during the elections in the Senate. On Monday evening Klaus wrote on his Facebook profile that he will vote for ODS candidate Milan Golas in Prague 8. "And I sincerely support other normal ODS candidates," he said, referring to Jaroslav Kuber and Jaroslav Zeman. However, he refused Mikuláš Bek, rector of Masaryk University, or former diplomat Pavel Fischer. "Supports" independent "sun protection – Bek (Brno), Fischer (P12), but I will not miss the head office," wrote Klaus.

On Wednesday, he and his ODS deputy chairman Jan Bauer jumped to tell reporters that the club's opinion about Klaus's statements is not yet. He said he wondered if he would, and if so, whether it would be public. The problem would be that members of the club could shout members of the club among themselves, as in the family, he added.

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