The summer is waiting. It is cooled by 10 degrees and the storms also come

A cold front comes from Western Europe, where on Thursday, especially in Moravia and Silesia, the hot air from the south will peak. "On Sunday, a higher air pressure spreads from the west to our country, and at the beginning of next week the weather will affect us in the beginning, as well as the pressure levels below the Adriatic Sea," the meteorologists add.

The hottest will be today and it will cool to ten degrees in the weekend. This adds heavy rain. It should be warm again at the beginning of the school year, when the temperatures are around 28 degrees.


Today is cloudy, partly cloudy, rain or rain, some thunderstorms. In the beginning, in Moravia and Silesia, it is almost clear to partly cloudy. & # 39; Afternoon and & # 39; evening in the west of the cloud and only a few showers. The highest daily temperatures in Bohemia from 19 to 24 ° C, in Moravia and Silesia from 24 to 29 ° C, at 1000 m in the mountains around 17 ° C. At night the weak south-east-south wind will from 1 to 4 m / s at night in Bohemia in the west. Moderate west, gradually north-westerly wind of 2 to 6 m / s, in Moravia and Silesia in the morning and in the morning from south to southwest.


At the end of the working week it is cloudy and slightly cloudy, in the east, partly cloudy and partly rainy. & # 39; Noon the cloud & # 39; in the evening, sometimes with rain. Lowest night temperatures from 15 to 11 ° C, in the west around 9 ° C. The highest daily temperatures from 19 to 23 ° C, in South Moravia to 25 ° C. Poor northwest to north wind from 1 to 4 m / s.


The start of the weekend is cloudy to cloudy, sometimes cloudy or rainy, but only rarely in the northwest of Bohemia. In the afternoon in Bohemia, from the west of precipitation to the evening and the cloud. Lowest night temperature 16 to 12 ° C, to the west around 10 ° C. Highest daytime temperatures from 19 to 23 ° C, in places with rainfall only around 16 ° C. Slight north wind from 2 to 6 m / s.


Mostly cloudy in the morning, mostly in the southeast, partly cloudy and mostly cloudy. Lowest night temperatures from 15 to 11 ° C, in the west around 9 ° C. Highest daily temperature from 18 to 22 ° C, local in Bohemia to 24 ° C. Moderate wind from the northeast 2 to 6 m / s.


The beginning of the school year is accompanied by cloudy to cloudy weather, occasional rain showers and even storms. Lowest night temperatures 15 to 11 ° C. Highest daily temperatures from 23 to 27 ° C Moderate northeast, gradual east wind 2 to 5 m / s.

View the weather forecast for the morning:

View from Tuesday to Thursday

In the coming days, it should be almost clear to partly cloudy, with occasional cloudy clouds. Missing a little bit in the morning. Lowest night temperatures 16 to 11 ° C. Highest daytime temperature 23 to 28 ° C.


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