The super fund elections are Cunek, Kuber, Drahoš and Fischer

30.09.2018 11:00

According to bookmakers Senators Jiří Čunek, Jaroslav Kubera and diplomat Pavel Fischer are the biggest favorites of the Senate elections.

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I hope that the sympathetic professor Aleš Gerloch, deputy chairman of the Government Legislative Council, will defeat the slender Fischer.

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Benjamin Kuras said in the video, according to the latest survey, only 3% behind Drahos.
Kuras' s probability was grossly underestimated. It started with a course of 1: 100, gradually reduced to 1:20.

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The man on the right side of Drahouška is his media doll?

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The TOP KDU STAN can only vote for the aggressive Lebanese café

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Drahoš, Bělobrad … their mothers had never been allowed to eat, what they have begotten is disgust

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Our re-candidate, mayor of Šumperk, whose portrait hangs on every third column, gave the posters the slogan "Reason and Grace". In his conception it is a mercy that he ignored the president when he visited the city on Monday. We do not worship, he supports KDU and he prefers to meet secretly in cafes with the local mafia.

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Except Cunka, the same screaming aversion.

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Drahos? Has anyone become angry?

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do not choose shame STAN Lidovce and Zelenkavé

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Call the academic Drahos. Eve is full of ideas.

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Eve really does it …

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Before the presidential election, I answered "I do not know" in the voter's calculator for all questions and Drahoš came to me.

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Well, the presidential candidate Jiri Hynek said in this debate that his friend gave "I do not know" everywhere and that Drahoš came to him. Maybe he was talking about you.

Otherwise Hynek is now in front of Senator in Chrudim.

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Well, that's right. Drahos really does not know anything.

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