The tropical week will change the temperature drop and cool down by ten degrees in the weekend

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(Illustrative photo)

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"In the night on Tuesday, the weather will affect our weak cold front, a strong cold front on Friday, and temperatures will be normal at weekends," says meteorologist Štefan Handžák from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute.

the Monday it will be clear cloudy, afternoon and evening cloudy. In the south of Bohemia, in Moravia and Silesia there are rare clouds or even storms. Temperatures rise to 29 to 33 ° C, in South Moravia to 35 ° C. At 1000 meters in the mountains it will be around 24 ° C.

& # 39; In the evenings Tuesday mostly cloudy with temperatures of 18 to 14 ° C. During the day we expect a clear evening, partly cloudy with loose rain showers. We measure 25-29 ° C, in the south of Moravia to 32 ° C.

in Wednesday the weather makes it clear. & # 39; At night the temperature drops to 16 to 12 ° C, during the day rising to 29 to 33 ° C.

in Thursday we predict clear to cloudy, during the day we can rarely expect clouds or thunderstorms during the temporarily increased clouds. Night temperatures of 17-13 ° C are heated to 29-33 ° C during the day.

the Friday it will be cloudy to cloudy, gradually from the north-west to cloudy. Partial rain or cloudy clouds, sometimes even thunderstorms, arrive in most of the area. & # 39; At night it will be 17 to 13 ° C. During the day the thermometer will show 25 to 29 ° C, in the east to 31 ° C.

Weather forecast from Saturday to Monday it is initially cloudy to partly cloudy and partly cloudy. Gradually drops clouds and only rare rainfall. At night it will initially be 16 to 12 ° C, gradually the temperature drops to 13 to 8 ° C. During the day it is 21-25 ° C on Saturday, and it will cool down the next few days to 18-23 ° C.

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