The violent sexually bullied girls in Strahov! The police are looking for an important witness

The young girls experienced hell on Friday morning – in their temporary home, which they found at the Strahov halls in Prague 6, is annoyed by an unfamiliar attitude. Moreover, his actions had a clear sexual subtext. Fortunately, miss, the attackers fled and escaped, only because of their warning there was no worse. Police officers have been looking for a perpetrator since Friday morning and are looking for an important witness who, according to the camera registrations, moved to Valčikova Street and the Strahov Kole Bus Stop after eight o'clock in the morning. There he waited for number 143 and drove her to the middle.

The witness the police are looking for is about a 30-year-old, slim, 183 cm tall man with dark hair. He wore black tracksuits with a white stripe aside and a t-shirt with white-blue stripes or dice. The right elbow was glued with a piece of light and he stumbled across his right leg while walking. He had a black kidney or a bag over his shoulder and looked as if he was either under the influence of drugs or ill.

"Researchers will be happy to receive information about the movement or identification of this important witness, given the seriousness of the case, and this information can be passed on immediately to the citizens of the CR 158 police," said police spokesman Andrea Zoulová. At the same time, she added that police officers also welcome the testimony of other girls who may have encountered Strahov with sexual assaults in recent days.

The police are looking for a witness who can bring new insights into the case. Police of the Czech Republic

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