The woman in Mariánské Lázně went walking with a famous and a foreigner who raped her –

The attack of a young woman happened on Sunday evening after her friend and her friend left her. The victim also went home and with her a stranger, without a woman standing there. They came to the house where the man attacked her.

"He had to grab her by the hand, round the corner of the house, and force the woman to hug him.In the end, despite her resistance, she kissed her repeatedly, kissing her crotch and other parts of her body. to pull her away, she had to take her down ", said police spokesman Michal Žacek.

According to him, the attacker then forced her to have sex and masturbation. The woman tried to escape, but the man shook her hand and forced her to continue. He then escaped, but the police fell within a few days.

"A nineteen-year-old foreign criminal accused of committing a particularly serious crime of rape.In case of guilt, he is sentenced to a prison sentence of up to ten years.In the near future it will be handed over to the court in Cheb, which will decide to impose custody, "Zacek concluded.

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